The naked truth

So this morning I had plans to wake up bright and early and bebop on over to Target to purchase a scale.  I haven’t weighed myself in about 4 months and I have been fooling myself into thinking that I was doing alright.  I judged my weight based on how my clothes have been fitting- which is not all that accurate, considering that things stretch out with wear.  So after not waking up early and rolling out of bed around 11:00 am( gasp I know!) I forced myself to eat a healthy breakfast or was it already lunch?…, made an espresso and headed out in to the cold Texas rain to make a brief run to Target.  When has that ever happened to anyone?  An hour and $150.00 later I am the proud owner of a handsome bamboo digital scale that will look great in my bathroom, as well as a bunch of other crap that I may or may not have needed to purchase.  Target is the real devil in this story today- not sugar.  Go ahead, I dare you to go to Target and buy only what you went in for.

Anywhoo, I rushed home, slapped some batteries in that puppy, hastily stripped down and jumped on.  Ok, I gingerly stepped on holding my breath with my eyes closed.  and then I peeked.  YIKES!!!! I was back up in scary territory.  197.8.  For the sake of easy math, lets round up to 198.  I did have breakfast first anyway…..  That means my goal weight is 168 pounds.

So obviously, I was ready to work out.  All week long I have been wanting to go outside for  a bit of fitness.  I live in Texas now.  I should be taking advantage of all the sunny beautiful weather right?  Well, as I mentioned earlier, it is cold and rainy today.  and yesterday it sleeted!  It is supposed to rain like 4 times a year or something and it has been down right nasty this week- which makes me want to put on schlumpy sweats, and eat soup.  But instead, I donned some tight sporty sweats and got sweaty.

I don’t belong to a gym down here yet, but luckily, I have a cache of workout videos that I have used off and on for the last 10 years, and there is one set that I think will fit the bill here.  My first small goal is to work out consistently for 21 days.  I heard somewhere that if you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit.  So this particular program is comprised of 3 videos with scary fit women making you do lots of cardio step aerobics, jumping and climbing.  Bitches.  The kit came with a set of two steps of different heights that you can stack for 14 inches or use separately at 6 inches and 8 inches.  I like to call them the steps of death. They make my legs so wobbly, I may just fall down the stairs at my house or at work to my demise.   The kit also contained a calendar telling you what days to do which video.  After 3 moves to 3 different states, I have no idea where that blasted calendar is.  So I am making it up and picked a video to start with.  Bad move.  It was the longest of the three and by the 35 minute mark, my legs already wanted to cave in.  The instructor just kept yelling at me to do more plyo squats.  Heartless bitch.  However, while I did take a short cuddle break with my cat who thinks when mommy is on the ground doing planks, it’s a good time to rub up against her and wipe lose fur all over her sweaty limbs, I did not give up.  I finished the video and rewarded myself with more espresso and a banana.

Not bad for my first day on the wagon.  The hard part comes later when I’m at work and I’m either so bored, I will eat what ever happens to be around me, or I’m so busy that by the end of the night I eat what ever happens to be around me.

I hope you all have a healthy day!




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